Frequently Asked Questions

I have a scanner at home, can I scan my photo/s or document and send them to your though email?

Yes! Although you need to follow the instructions on how to scan your photo/s or documents

How do you determine the cost of restoration?

There are some general guides for pricing the restoration of a photo. (See the pricing section for details) However these are only guides and a price cannot be calculated until we have seen the image.

Is it safe to ship photos/documents through the post

In general yes it is. If posting an image through the mail, make sure to follow the instructions on how to pack your images to post, AND always use registered post. All care is taken with all originals send or brought into the shop

How do I place an order?

You can place an order by coming into our shop, through email or phone

Can you replace missing pieces in a photo/document?

Yes, this often involves some artistic interpretation on our part and takes a bit more time to process.

How long will it take to complete my order?

It depends on the amount of damage, transit time and your place in the que. A single photo with moderate damage can be completed in as little as 3-7 working days. You will be given an estimated time when you have a quote done.

Do you restore certificates or documents?


My photo is precious is there any risk to the original photo?

No, all work will be done digitally. Your photo/s are scanned and then the work is done and the digital copy. Once completed your photo can be reprinted or saved onto CD for your completed order.

Can I see the restoration before I pay for it to make sure I am happy with the result?

Yes, we will send you a link to view your photo before we print it. This preview will be watermarked and will be of lower quality, but this image is for evaluation purposes only. This is when you either approve the work or ask for changes to be made. You can also view the work at our shop before printing.

Are some photos beyond repair?

Yes of course, the best thing to do is to submit it to us and we will give you an honest assessment. Most photos/documents can at leat be improved

What will I receive with my finished order?

1. In person, you receive your original photo/s if you have sent them, along with your completed order either in a new printed photo or on CD in digital format, or both if required.
2. By download, you will receive a link to download your file.
3. By mail, you receive your original photo/s if you have sent them, along with your completed order either in a new printed photo or on CD in digital format, or both if required.

How can I pay for an order?

The payment methods we accept are cash, direct deposit, Australian money order or Paypal. Sorry we DO NOT accept personal cheques or International Money orders. PayPal handles our credit card processing, which means we do not collect any credit card information.

When do I pay for my order?

A deposit 40% before we start the job (this is non refundable), then the balance is to be paid before we ship your order.

What kind of photos, documents and memorabilia can you copy

Black and white, sepia and colour photos and slides, negatives, newspaper clippings and other printed material, certificates and general memorabilia that can all help tell the story of your organization’s history.

What size photographs can you copy?

We can work with any size picture or memorabilia from thumbnail size to A3 size. For larger sizes the scans are done outside our premises.

What contact can I expect with you

You can visit our office and discuss your project personally. We can go over any points that need clarification, show you samples and talk through any issues before we begin. If you are sending the work in by post, courier or email, we will phone or email you to confirm receipt of your work and discuss any questions or issues at that time.

My photos are all glued into a photograph album what can I do?

That’s not a problem we can scan it from the album if necessary. Just pack you album securely and bring it in or send it to us.

I'd like to combine some images can you do that?

No problem, just send us all the elements you would like to combine with your detailed instructions. We'll contact you and advise you if your requirements are possible to meet and give you a quote.

Why should I get you to copy my photos to CD or DVD?

All photographic prints, slides and negatives will deteriorate with age. Digital copies archived to CD or DVD will not. Photographs stored on CD or DVD can easily be viewed as a slide show on your computer or TV and are easily copied for family members and friends. It's a good idea to store a copy in a safe place such as a safe or bank safety deposit box.

Can you retouch/restore from negatives?

Yes! We can scan your negative or other transparency and make the necessary corrections the same way we would a print.