Scanning and mailing instructions

Important Scanning Information

Don’t use any sharpening, de-screening, dust and scratch removal, colour correction or any other functions of on your scanningsoftware. Make sure they are all turned off before you start your scan. The dpi has to be AT LEAST 300dpi - 600dpi. Images must be scanned in colour (even black and white ones).

For Images intended for e-mail attachment

Use .jpg format with high quality setting.

For images intended for upload or sent via CD or DVD

Use .tif .jpg .psd these are all fine.

Mailing Instructions

To ship your photo or document safely here are a few guides to follow – Buy an appropriately sized padded envelope form the post office or office supply store.

Cover the front of the photo with a clean sheet of white paper. If you are sending more then one image place a sheet of white paper between each. Then place the photos/document between two pieces of cardboard. (Cut up a packing box) and then tape the cardboard together. (Make sure the cardboard is larger then the photos)

If the photo you are sending is in more than one piece, please DO NOT attempt to put it back together. NEVER put tape on a photo Remember to download and fill out an order form and tape it to the cardboard. (You can download it here) if you photo is copyrighted also remember to get a copyright release filled out and send this as well. (You can download a form here, or if the photographer has his/her own that is fine too)

Place the now packed photo/document into the padded envelope. Make sure the correct address and return addresses are on the package.

Postal Address

Image Doctor
Australian Arcade
Fitzmaurice Street
Wagga Wagga
NSW 2650
You need to write PHOTOGRAPHS DO NOT BEND on both the front and back of the envelope.